Costiera amalfitana

Trails Number: 7

Protected by the Unesco since 1997, the Amalfi Coast is one of the best Mediterranean landscape.
From the terraces filled by lemon trees to the waterfall in "Valle delle ferriere" and the views offered by the "Path of gods", the trails are made for everyone who wish to have unforgettable short hike or long trekks

Massa Lubrense - S.agata

Trails Number: 5 

Located in the middle between the gulf of Naples and the gulf of Salerno, this zone offers amazing landscapes which covers Capri, Li Galli islands and the open sea. 
These short hikes often allow people to get into wonderful places where they can take swim during warm seasons 

Piano - Meta

Trails Number: 3 

Being on the hill side of Piano and Meta, these trails grants a perfect view of the cities seen from above, and allow to easy connect with the path situated in the inner part of Vico Equense and the first part of the Amalfi Coast


Trails Number: 3

As the urbanized heart of the Coast, Sorrento has both Trails which allow people to connect with other zones (Such as the hill side), and others which have a great turistic relevance


Trails Number: 3

Although Sant'Agnello has not the most famous trails, this zone grants some of the best glimpses of the Sorrento's peninsula.
Walking through these paths can surprise even the one who has always lived here

Vico equense - faito

Trails Number: 3

Located at the very beginning of the Sorrento's peninsula, Vico Equense and its villages have trails situated at several different altitudes, from the sea level, up to the highest mountain around the coast at 1300 meters