About Sorrento Rovers

Sorrento Rovers is a digital project made to promote the outdoors, green tourism and the related activities. The idea is simple: We want to valorize the area by helping people find the perfect outdoor places to spend their free time. Thanks to an accurate review of the paths and sites of naturalistic and cultural relevance, we want to stimulate both local people and those who come from afar to discover new wonders, or even look at the places already visited with new eyes.

We Promote activities and events

We are partners of the associations which operate in the area and we help them to spread useful information to those who want to enjoy the outdoor experiences on our trails.

We are travel mates

We want to support the community of users so that everyone can experience nature and its places in the simplest way.

we support nature

We are committed to seek or create projects to support natural spaces and we promote a lifestyle that improves the way in which nature is perceived by everyone