Da Preazzano a Monte Comune

From the village of Preazzano it is possible to take a path that, through ancient mulatteries, leads to the plateau of Monte Comune, from which the view can embrace the Tyrrhenian Sea and a large part of the Sorrento coast
The way up includes steep routes and, in case you want to descend towards Arola rather than returning to Prezzano, leads to fall-exposed points; therefore it is recommended for novices only if they are accompanied by people with more experience.
Immediately after the start of the mountain path on the route you will meet Villa Stevens-Vernier, first home of the Vernier family that in the eighteenth century found refuge in Vico Equense, later acquired by the Stevens.

Upon reaching the summit (Waypoint 1) it is possible to choose whether to go back or continue, along the constantly descending path to Arola. The signs are clearly visible, it will be important to stay on route 300, until at the junction with route 342 (Waypoint 2) you have to take this new way, moving north


The town of Preazzano can be easily reached by following Via Raffaele Bosco, along which the path will branch off towards Monte Comune 
This road will be the same that, making the complete route, will take us from Arola to the starting point