Valle delle Ferriere

The path in the Valle delle Ferriere is a relatively simple walk through the inner nature of the Amalfi Coast. The route, lasting about three hours, will cross woods, small rivers, the hydroelectric plant and industrial ruins, including the ironworks that once supplied the Amalfi marine army, from which the valley takes its name. It also takes us from the city of Amalfi to the Monti Lattari.
Following route 325, also known as the lower valley path, between lemon groves and vineyards, it will be possible to refuel with water (Waypoint 1). Towards the end of the path it will be possible to admire the aqueduct that supplies the hydroelectric plant (Waypoint 2)


The city of Amalfi as well as being reachable by sea from Salerno, Positano and Capri is also the terminal of the SITA buses coming from Salerno and Sorrento. If you travel by car to reach the city, just follow the SS163, which runs along the coast.
In the city, at the intersection of Via delle Cartiere and Via Comite d’Orso, it will be possible to take the trail's entrance. Next to this intersection there is the "Paper Museum" and a parking lot.