Path of the gods

Among the most beautiful routes in the world, the Path of the Gods, which leads from the ancient village of Agerola, Bomerano, to Nocelle and Montepertuso, is within everyone's reach.
The landscape embrace the Amalfi coast, the island of Capri with his Faraglioni and the Sirenuse; the last view gives the name to the path. According to the legends, the Greek gods crossed the path to save Ulysses during his interlude with the sirens.
We advise novices or people who want a quiet walk to choose the Low Path; this is the trail with the easier and safer walk, and at the same time the one with the best view. 

path of the gods - low

The route will take you from Bomerano to Nocelle, through one of the most evocative panoramic trails in the world. Once you reach the Grotta del Biscotto, the journey will begin, along route 327; once arrived in Colle Serra (Waypoint1) it will be possible to take a detour on 327A (the one on the map nearby) or to continue on the 327. The two will cross again after 1.5km, but the first one is less panoramic. 

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path of the gods - high

The high path that from Bomerano leads to Montepertuso is indicated by route 329. The first half of the route is represented by the way up to Monte Calabrice, preceded by the southern peak of Monte Tre Calli, from which it is possible to look out thanks to a natural balcony.
After the Calabrice the path keeps descending towards Capo Muro, from which you will move west to reach the Forestry Barracks and finally you will head towards Montepertuso.
If you prefer to get to Nocelle, you can take the paths 329C (Waypoint 1) or 329B (Waypoint 2), after Capo Muro, to go towards the lower path


To reach the starting point for both routes you must follow the State Road to Agerola, which through Via Armando Diaz (SR366) will allow us to enter the city. 

To go to the lower path, we suggest to go along Via Sentiero degli Dei till Grotta Biscotto, where you can find a parking spot Lower Path we recommend following Via Sentiero degli Dei to the Grotta Biscotto, before which a parking lot is signposted. Near the area it will be possible to access route 327 

To get to the Upper path, we suggest to go through Via Pendola till Via Palpo High Path we recommend instead to follow Via Pendola up to Via Palpo, along which path 329 will start.