Fiordo di Crapolla

Among the views in the Sant’Agata area, the Crapolla Fjord is certainly one of the most evocative. The trail, which can be taken from several different entry points, descends along the hill facing south-east and leads to the small beach inside the fjord, where swimming is allowed.
The place grants a wonderful view which goes from the islands of Li Galli, up to the tip of the gulf looking west, and alternates some shaded areas of woods with others of wild Mediterranean scrub that descends to the Abbey of Crapolla, which during certain times of the year, it is also the destination of some small religious representations.
The difficulty of the route is medium, due to the characteristics of the bottom of the path, rocky with some slippery areas, and also because the ascent can be tiring, especially in summer time. Despite of this, there is nothing too dangerous that can prevent you from taking this walk, especially if you have time to take a break on the way up!

WARNING 24/04/2021: la swimming in Crapolla's Bay is not allowed fino a data da destinarsi.
L’ARPAC, in seguito ad un’analisi delle acque della penisola, ha rilevato valori preoccupanti per quanto riguarda gli agenti inquinanti.


The path has several entries (visible on the map) which are located in the southern area of ​​Sant’Agata, on the road that leads towards the hamlet of Torca. As soon as you take that road, some signs will lead you to the trail. For those who do not have a car, the best way to get there is the bus to Sant’Agata city center; once there, the path is a few steps away on foot.