From the zone of Colli di San Pietro right before the beginning of the Amalfi Coast, stands the Vico Alvano mountain. The summit, one of the highest in the urbanized area of ​​the coast, grants a breathtaking landscape. Thanks to its strategic position, the view covers both the Sorrento peninsula from Vico Equenze to Sorrento, the area of ​​Monte Faito, and also the entire first part of the Amalfi Coast.

The trail is a destination for many groups of people, with or without guides, and it doesn't have many difficulties, at the point that it can be easily covered in less than two hours. Despite of this, for those who want to go further, the upper part of the path allows the intersection with other routes which lead up to the summit of Monte Comune and even further along the coast.



The trail's entrance is located in Via San Pietro, a side street of the State Road 163. As soon as you pass the Meta-Amalfi crossroad, you can see the slope that leads to the Colonna's Castle, where the path starts