La Sperlonga

The path starts in the upper part of the town of Vico Equense. Not very long and easy to travel, this trail starts between the urban and the hilly areas, with the characteristic features of the Mediterranean countryside, that gradually becomes wooded. In the heart of the trail it is even possible to find springs of fresh water.
The view that can be admired is spectacular, it overlooks the city of Vico from above, embraced by the hills that surround it. The path is for everyone, it hasn't particular obstacles and for those who go out for a short and panoramic walk and do not want to get tired, it offers the advantage of having a very low slope.


The entrance to the trail is near the municipal cemetery of Vico Equense, which can be reached along Via San Francesco (SP459).
If u reach the entrance to the path by car it will be possible to park.