Punta Sant'Elia

The southern ridge of the Colli di fontanelle, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, hides some surprising places, and the Punta Sant’Elia path is certainly one of them.
From the "Belvedere" square it is possible to descend through a path that goes through the Mediterranean scrub and reaches the Torre di Sant’Elia. The peculiarity of this path is that there isn't any place closer to the islets of "Li Galli" from the mainland.
Despite being similar to other paths that overlook the same side of the coast, this path is however a surprise both for its relatively low fame (considering the beauty of the place), and also for the history hidden within. Those who care about knowing the Sorrento peninsula in every aspect, should definely visit it!
The path is relatively well connected to other areas of the coast, and it is possible to select it in the context of a longer itinerary, connecting with other trails.


Starting from the square of Colli di Fontanelle, follow the signs towards Belvedere; the road leads to a small square where you can find the access to the trail