Sentiero deLLE agavI in fiore

Il sentiero delle Agavi in Fiore è un’incredibile passeggiata, di media difficoltà, lungo i terrazzamenti del tratto costiero di Praiano e Furore, sui quali è ancora possibile ammirare antichi uliveti. 
The landscape is characterized by the typical features of the Mediterranean scrub with an important presence of the Agave, whose flowering takes place in the summer; if you choose to walk the trail during this time of the year, we recommend that you prepare properly as the sun beats strongly on the coast.


Furore, in the province of Salerno, can be reached via the SS163 that runs along the coast and the SS366, in case you arrive from the north of the peninsula.
The entrance to the path will be near the Church of Sant’Elia in piazzale Carmine, at the end of Via Croce; the first part of the route is also known as the "Lover's Walk".
In case you choose to take the path from Praiano you will have to reach Via Costantinopoli