The path of the Lemons

The Path of the Lemons, simple and accessible by anyone, leads through the ancient road that connects Maiori to Minori, once one of the busiest on the coast.
The only source of possible difficoulties may be the presence of many steps which will guarantee us an elevated position that allow us to admire the coast with its terraces and houses.


Access to the route can take place from any of the two cities. Maiori can be reached from Via Nuova Provinciale Cunzi (SP2) and, in case you want to leave from Minori, just continue until you reach the Amalfi State Road (SS163) to find the town. 
The towns are not large and finding access to the route will be quite simple; for Maiori the access will be near the parish of Santa Maria a Mare, for Minori, at the end of the road near the Basilica of Santa Trifimena, you will meet Via Torre, the starting point of the route