Santuario dell'avvocata

Starting from Maiori, this trail leads up to the Sanctuary of the Avvocata (built in 1485) on Monte Falerio; there you can easily reach a Viewpoint to overlook the Costiera and the Whole gulf of Salerno  
The trail is not extremely hard, it is just very slopy and it has several long stepways up. In some point you can even find some tap to refill your Water bottles. The vegetation is made mainly by chestnut trees woods
Close by the sanctuary (Waypoint 2) there's the Grotta dell'apparizione, an religious spot related to the apparition of the Madonna. From here you can chose both to come back down or to go further for the viewpoint where you can find the best landscape of the whole path. 


You can reach Maiori via the Road SS163. The beginning of the trail is located between Via tenente Confalone and Via Nuova Provinciale Chiunzi