moiano alla conocchia

The path that leads from Moiano to the Croce della Conocchia is one of the least popular routes in the entire peninsula, due to its difficulty and the rarity of optimal temperature and visibility conditions. For expert hikers we think it can be one of the best destinations in Vico Equense, during spring and summer. 
The signals are not pretty visible, but the path itself is quite linear. After 1 km of walking the path become very steep and quite exposed to falls, up to Punta Bandera; from here it will be possible to go straight up or take a detour towards Monte Cerasuolo (Waypoint 1).
Once you have passed Punta Bandera there will be no particular obstacles and you will reach Conocchia in a couple of hours, while following the Vallone dell’Acqua. 
We do not recommend the trail during rainy and snowy days.


The starting point of the route is located near the town of Moiano, in Vico Equense, and is reachable along Via Raffaele Bosco (SS269).
Inside the town yu need to take Via Paradiso along which, immediately after the bend, it will be possible to find the trail's starting point.