Monte San Costanzo is characterized by the presence of several paths that converge and intersect the path towards the Bay of Ieranto and Punta Campanella. To make an easier analysis , we have splitted the area in 2 parts

San Costanzo (South)

On the southern side of Mount San Costanzo, where you can look on the Gulf of Salerno, there is a trails between the grassland of wild fennels and the mediterranean scrub. From the top of its 400 meters, it offers one of the most spectacular views of the Bay of Ieranto from above. From the little woods of San Costanzo along the entire ridge, this path grants the greatest freedom of movement both in case you want to stay in the area, or if you want to move elsewhere, towards Nerano (Waypoint 2) or to the north side of the promontory towards Punta Campanella

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San Costanzo (North)

200 meters beyond the pine woods of San Costanzo, along the right side of the road you can see the entry point of a Trail; this will lead you to the side of the hill which overlooks the Gulf of Naples and leads you to the upper part of Punta Campanella
If you are looking for a place lost in the green that gives you one of the most beautiful views of Capri island , this is the perfect spot.
For those who want to spend more time exploring, this route also intersects the close ones of Punta campanella, Mitigliano and the southern part of the San Costanzo hill.


From the square of termini, take Via Campanella and follow the uphill road next to Bar San Costanzo
The road leads to the peak of the hill, where the trails start.