Monte S. Antonio-Via Olivella

The path connects Sorrento to Priora and Sant’Agata; it is one of the most practical way to move to the hill side.
The path starts with a hundred steps which lead to the Church of San Antonio; after that, the trail won't be much hard at all, and it will lead across small woods and cultivated fields. 
Although it is simply a connecting path between the towns, the overlook on the Gulf of Naples is undoubtedly suggestive  


The entry point from Sorrento is easily accessible along Via Sant’Antonio, next to the Hilton Hotel: the steps at the beginning of the path are clearly visible. 
Per chi decidesse di raggiungere l’ingresso al percorso in macchina, in zona è presente un parcheggio
for the ones coming from Sant'Agata, the trail can be found in a small alley in the very center of the town